Ecommerce Early Stage Founder Small Group

This small group is for early stage founders of an ecommerce product company.
I know how hard launching and scaling an ecomm product company can be, heck I've done it and I have coached tons of founders on doing it as well.  What I have found is that so many founders at this stage have the same challenges and questions on how to launch and scale.  I decided to start a group program so that the cost can be lower than my typical 1:1 rate and so that the group can learn from each other as well.
I launched The Stylist LA in 2009 and scaled it to 7 figures in revenue, raised over a million dollars in venture capital and grew our customer list to tens of thousands.  I have coached many founders of brands of all sizes on growing their businesses as well.  I launched my coaching business in 2020.  You can see more about that here.
How it works & What it entails:
This group will consist of 2 monthly 1 hour calls.  This will be hot seat coaching style.  Each founder will have time to present their challenges and I will give guidance.  We will also let members of the group chime in, if they have experience in that space.
Calls with be the following dates and times:
June 6 & 20th 10 am PST
July 11 & 25th 10 am PST
August 8 & 22 10 am PST
Following months TBD
We will also have a group slack, voxer or text chat. The group will vote on the way we will communicate in the first session.
Cost: $500 a month
Will be charged monthly, but can cancel at anytime, 14 days before charge date.
What we will cover:
You will bring any and all of your problems to these calls.  Whatever challenges you are facing, we will discuss.  From working with founders at this stage I know we will cover the following:
- How to launch
- How to actually get more sales
- How to increase traffic
- How to increase conversion rate
- How to build customer list
- How to handle your budget & cash flow
- How to get out of your own way mentally
& so much more.
If you are interested in this program but have some questions, you can book a call with me here.  If you know you are in you can go ahead and sign up here.
You will be sent calendar invites and an onboarding form once you sign up.
I am so excited to help you make more money in your business, get more time back and have better mental health.