what to wear to sorority recruitment

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With fall fast approaching and thoughts of heading back to school are in our heads, we wanted to get started thinking about what to wear if you're setting your sights on college sororities and what to wear for recruitment days. The days of sorority recruitment start out more casual and get dressier each day, so you need to plan your outfits accordingly. Looking feminine and well put together are keys to how you should dress. You want your outfit to stand out and be fun, but make sure that you dress appropriately. For instance, an outfit you might typically wear out on a Friday or Saturday night is probably not something appropriate to wear on sorority recruitment days. Right? So we paired some of our favorite dresses from our collection with accessories that fit the bill. 
Show your personality, smile, and you're good to go! Good luck! 
Recruitment outfit donts:  Don't wear anything super tight.  Don't show too much skin.  When picking your heels be careful; choose something simple and classic, and don't go for too high of a heel. Make sure you are comfortable in whatever outfits you pick!  You want to feel your best for these days.  
{Dresses: Naven Twiggy, Parker Ancho, Parker Lily, Parker London}

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