At the Stylist LA we definitely work as a team under our fearless (an awesome) leader, Emily. As a way of getting to know us a little better, we created some questions for each of us to answer and share with you here on our blog. Emily's first: 

who is your celebrity crush or a famous person you would love to meet and why?
Crush: Ryan Gosling, do I need to explain?  Famous person I would love to meet is Diane Von Furstenberg.  I find her life story fascinating and I'd love to pick her brain.

what is your go to clothing item?
Anyone of my friends can tell you the answer to this one.  Definitely Wildfox jean any wash.  I own an absurd amount.

favorite color lipstick and why?
Typically just a light pink gloss (if any), although I've been experimenting with more fun colors lately!  I'm usually pretty boring in the makeup department, but I'm trying to change that.  I'm inspired by our model's "off-duty" makeup choices and usually end up buying a new lip color after I see one of them wearing it.

favorite movie and why?
Father of the Bride.  It just always makes me happy, no matter what mood I'm in.

your best day would be....?
A beach day, and transport my whole family and friends to that beach day.  Really anywhere I can be with the people I love (that unfortunately live all over the country) and soak up the sun.

favorite snack item? 
you mean besides the candy in our studio?! kidding....hummus, really I'm addicted.

what are you currently listening to? 
Zac Browne Band or Nashville cast Pandora station. Our team is probably pretty sick of my country obsession.