Happy New Years

Jan 02, 2013 - 1 comment

(It will be OUR year, not mine)

 Hello Lovlies,

I apologize that I have been completely mia with this blog over the last few weeks.  Work was absolute mayhem (amazing!) and I was completely absorbed in dress rentals and client requests.

I also wanted to take a bit of time away from the blog to re-evaluate and focus on what I want this blog to be.  It has always been a place for me to share what inspires me, but as the company has grown so much, I have felt weird not tying the blog focus into our company vision a bit more.  So....after much thought, I have a reinvigorated plan for this blog.  Expect more posts, more updates on the company, and an even deeper look inside what happens here at TheStylist LA.

Thanks for being patient and putting up with the changes we have gone through.  I am very excited for what is to come in 2013.  I promise you will be delighted with the things coming our way.



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Teri on January 03, 2013

can’t wait!

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