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Spotlight On: Cat Wright

Aug 30, 2012 - 1 comment



For this month's Spotlight on" I chose one of my favorite Hollywood stylists, Cat Wright.  We went to FIDM together and I have loved watching her succeed (and dress all the girls of E!) over the last few years.  She has AHH-MAZING style, flies a bit under the radar (not for much longer, I have a feeling) and she is one of the sweetest, most modest girls ever.  I love that her style is so her.  She has found what works for her, what she loves and she definitely stays true to her own style.  Anyways, check out her blog here, her twitter here and her fb here!


1.  Where are you from and whart brought you to LA?

C: I'm from Paducah, Kentucky and had been set on moving to Southern California since I was in 5th grade with braces.  When I chose to leave KY to pursue a career in fashion the obvious choices were LA or grade school dreams made the decision easy.


2.  What's your current job?

C: I am a wardrobe sylist and writer.  I get to play dress up with the talent of E! News and also work with celebrities for red carpet appearances, editorials etc.


3.  Describe your style in a few words:

C: Definitely laid back.  Loose tops, cut-offs and a lot of black.


4.  Name one item in your closet you are obsessed with right now.

C: I'm still waiting to get tired of my denim button-up.  I wear it with everything, it's like my safety blanket...I take it everywhere with me and talk about it all the time.  It's weird.


5.  Money doesn't count and you can buy one item...what would that item be?

C: Rose Gold Rolex


6.  What has been your most memorable fashion industry moment to date?

C: Oh wow there are so many.  The first major moment was probably when I was just an intern and we had a fitting with a major client for Cannes Film Festival.  Here I was, a girl from McCracken County and I was pulling out boxes from Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, Chanel, YSL...labels I'd only seen in print growing up.  It's weird how quickly something goes from surreal to normal-you don't even realize!


7.  My happy place is_____?

C: My family's old cabin on Kentucky Lake.


8.  Your style icon is____?

C: I just adore Kate Bosworth.  She fits in and looks glam whether she's on the red carpet of the Met Gala or the fields at Coachella.  She's flawless.


9.  My dream job is:

C: I love what I'm doing now: styling and writing.  Styling is so fast paced and exciting but with writing I get to slow down for a minute and breathe it all in.  It's the perfect combination, and if it's not broke...


10.  What trends are you excited about, for fall?

C: I'm really excited to see people throw out the rules and start wearing more white in the winter.  But I am most looking forward to getting out mn=y tried and true black skinny jeans and oversized sweaters-I miss them!


Hope you enjoyed!




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amodeworld on September 01, 2012

Lovely interview :) xA

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