Apologies & Some Magic

Aug 11, 2012 - 2 comments


Oh so sorry for no posts this week!  I had to have a small hip surgery this week (result of too much running and yoga in my life..who thought that was possible?!) and for some reason my scheduled posts had some technical difficulties.  Not sure what happened there, but I think I've finally fixed it.  I've been in recovery mode all week and haven't been in much of a place to do any work.


Anyways...now that I am on crutches for 4 weeks (boo!) I will be spending plenty of time blogging/tweeting & pinning.


Hope you all will forgive me!  For now, how much do you love this old school quote?




pic from Pinterest.

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Nathalie on August 12, 2012

Sorry to hear about your surgery, just when you think sports are healthy,…
Hope it will heel soon and you’ll feel better!

Totally love this quote! Definitely believe in magic!

XoXo Nathalie

Jules on August 12, 2012

Very nice quote – I’m going to remember it ;)

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