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What I'm wearing this weekend

May 24, 2012 - 3 comments


For this long weekend, Hurley (my puppy) and I are headed back to the house that I grew up in, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  My whole family (all 5 kids) and parents will be in town this weekend.  It should be a pretty good time, and hopefully, at least a teeny bit relaxing.  My parents decided to throw a casual cocktail party tomorrow evening, since it's rare that all of us are back in one place.  I pondered over what to wear for a bit.  I didn't want to be too trendy, needed to stay a bit conservative, but still wanted something fun.  So here is what I finally decided on (the shoes are still up for debate, depending on how my parents react to the short-ness of this dress)


1.  Dress: Parker Double Flair Sleeve Dress in Navy (This dress is one of my all-time favorites)  I promise I won't wear one of TheStylist LA dresses every weekend....anyways, Rent Here for $40


2.  Jewelry: This isn't my exact ring, but it was the most similar picture I could find.  I found my ring at Katwalk (a local MB boutique) and have yet to find another one like it.  This necklace is from TheStylist LA collection and will be up on the website next week for $22.  I wear this charcoal one alllll the time.


3.  H&M tan waist belt: $5.95 Buy Here.


4.  ShoeMint Lambert Wedges in Black: $79.98 Buy Here.


5.  Tiek Flats in Cream: $165 Buy Here.


What do you guys think?

And the second picture is obviously how last weekend's outfit ended up.  Check out all the details here! Please note, sadly, I did not buy that Tory Burch Bag...





Comments (3)

Nathalie on May 24, 2012

Love the outfit!
I totally love your blog and the idea behind your company! Truly amazing!

XoXo Nathalie

Alison on May 24, 2012

I love this dress! It is going to look so gorgeous on you. I definitely think you should try to get away with the heels. This dress screams for them :)

Lauren on May 24, 2012

You can’t go wrong with a royal blue dress!
Love the one you wore

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