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May 09, 2012 - 1 comment

I am currently quite obsessed with my Print Fall 2012 Issue.  I have stayed up too late the last two nights reading it cover to cover.   I've decided to order every is so informative and will be great to keep at the office when I need inspiration or when I need to refer back to specific seasons.


Anyways...Elbaz said both of these quotes in this issue and they really stuck out to me.  I always think the fashion greats have so much good advice for those of us newer and younger in the industry.  I like to write down my favorite tidbits and re-read them when I feel like I need some guidance.  These I wanted to share with you...


Some behind the scenes pics from my latest photoshoot will be up tomorrow!


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Teri Roughen on May 09, 2012

don’t think too much, just do! Great. Teri

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