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Our Graduation Dress Picks

May 01, 2012 - 0 comments


I can't believe that it is already graduation time.  This year is flying by already...oh where does the time go?


So, tons of girls keep asking what type of dresses they should wear to graduation.  My suggestion is something comfortable (it is a long day, whether it's your high school, college or grad school graduation),something bright and fun or tailored and sophisticated (these will look best when photographed) and something that you can easily throw a light sweater over if needed.  You want to look great but also be appropriate in front of everyones parents and grandparents.


Here are some of my favorite Graduation worthy dresses from our collection.


I've also just set up a "Graduation Boutique" on our site.  Check out all of that boutique HERE.


From Left to right:

1. Jay Godfrey Winslow Dress: $60 to rent.

2. Parker Ruched Tube Dress in Emerald (with tie in back) $40 to rent.

3.  Jay Godfrey Pablo Dress in White: $60 to rent

4.  Aaron Ashe Mass Ave Dress in Light Pink: $60 to rent.

5.  Jay Godfrey Snyder Dress in Peach: $60 to rent

6.  Aaron Ashe Mass Ave Dress in Hot Pink: $60 to rent

7.  Aaron Ashe Palm Beach Dress: $40 to rent

8.  Jay Godfrey Miro Dress: $60 to rent.


As far as shoes I definitely recommend either wedges or comfortable nude heels.  I would stay with a neutral color.  Keep accessories to a minimum.  Think simple, yet elegant jewelry.


If you have any questions about these dresses or what you should wear in general send me an email at




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