Coachella Outfits Day 1

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So the weather forecast says rain and I am just ignoring that completely while planning my outfits.  Stupid? Maybe, but I will stay blissfully in denial until the rain drops hit me in the face. are my day one outfits.  The place where my friends and I stay is known for having all day pool parties.  So obviously I have to pack a "daytime pool" outfit and an "afternoon/evening festival" outfit.


Outfit 1: Pool Party

Cover up: Sleeveless Button down in cream from H&M ($12.50) Not available online but similar one here and they have a ton in most stores.

Swimsuit: Bettini's Bikini, (gifted, and this print didn't go into production) but you can check out her other stuff here.

Hat: Forever 21 ($12.50) find a similar one here.

Shoes: Forever 21 (19.80) available in black and brown here.

Cuff: From TheStylist LA Jewelry Collection (selling for $15 but not available online. Comment if you want to buy!)


Outfit 2: Festival Outfit

Shorts: Wildfox (purchased at sample sales)

Shirt: Graphic Muscle Tee Forever 21 (On sale for $5.99 in store only)

Sports Bra: My new obsession...cute enough to not really look like a sports bra, but comfortable enough to wear all day.  Forever 21 (3 for $9)

Bracelets: TheStylist LA Jewelry Collection ($10 for a set of 7)

Necklace: Will be worn as headband (found at a random store downtown for $5)


As you can tell I raided the "cheap" stores, since I don't want to take expensive pieces into the desert for a weekend of mayhem.






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Carolin on June 11, 2012

I love the shorts! I’m actually at the moment trying to make my own. Hope you had a nice time. I’d like to go next year !

/From Sweden

Teri Roughen on April 11, 2012

Love all your choices. That t shirt is so great, and the bikini, and the hat. It’s all good! Have fun and I’ll pray for no rain. Teri

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