3 Obsessions: Wildfox shorts, Funboy Watches & New Restaurant Find

Apr 03, 2012 - 2 comments

Well, this was supposed to go up on Friday...but that just didn't happen.  Fridays always get stuffed full of last minute clients, and trying to get everything done before the weekend.  Sooo the 3 obsessions posts will now be moved to Tuesday/Wednesday. For now, here ya go.  These 3 things are my current obsessions!


1.  Funboy Watches:  This company contacted me recently to see if they could use some of our dresses in a photoshoot.  This gave me a chance to see their products and even get a few watches for myself.  Why I love these watches: they are bright, fun and very hard to ruin/break.  I am not wearing mine everyday, since I am obsessed with my every day watch, but I think they are perfect for times like Coachella, 6 Man (If your an LA person) Vegas Vacations etc. I can't wait to wear my purple and white ones in 2 weeks in the desert....Oh and I almost forgot, they are super inexpensive ($29).  Check them out here.


2.  Milo & Olive: New fave restaurant in Santa Monica.  I went here with a  friend last week and was blown away by their insanely delicious pizzas.  It is owned by the same people as Huckleberry (if you live on the westside of LA you have to know about Huckleberry...)  It has a great ambiance, shared tables and some of the best food I have had in a long time.  Order the butternut squash pizza and you can thank me later.  This place would make a great date spot as well. The address is 2723 Wilshire.  More info on their site here.


3.  Wildfox jean shorts: Everyone that knows me well knows that I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with wildfox jean shorts.  It all started with a typical mid wash pair and has evolved into quite the collection.  I picked up two new pairs on Friday (bright blue and tie dye green).  These shorts are the perfect fit and are so comfortable I could wear them everyday.  You better bet these will be a coachella wardrobe staple.  You can buy them on singer22 here...but I would suggest going to their monthly sample sale if you live in LA and getting them for 70% off the retail price...just saying.


That's all for today.  Hope everyone is having a fab day!  Only 9 days until I depart for the desert (and yes this will be the majority of what I talk about for the next two weeks).





pics from: funboy watches, milo and olive website, my iphone and singer22

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Teri Roughen on April 03, 2012

those restaurants have been on my list. I gotta get there! Teri

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