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3 Obsessions: Great Hair, Perfect Jewels and Traveling in Style

Mar 16, 2012 - 2 comments



1.  This adorable Passport Cover by Aspinal of London.  Whenever I'm traveling I always think my passport looks ugly and I've realized it gets quite banged up in the traveling process.  I've been looking for something chic to put my passport in, but everything is usually super expensive.  And let's be honest, I don't leave the country enough to spend a ton on a passport cover.  One of my lovely interns sent me the link to this today and I was impressed by the look and the amazing price ($10.50??).  Anyways, I love the baby blue and just placed my order online.  I will no longer have to look at my ugly passport when traveling....  Check it out HERE. Warning, they have a ton of super cute stuff.  Totally not my fault if you end up buying the whole site.


2.  Dry Bar opens in Manhattan Beach: Okay the Dry Bar has been an obsession of mine since the first one opened in Brentwood (conveniently down the street from my best friend's apartment).  The place is a girly girl's dream.  For $35 you get an awesome blowout, champagne and you get to watch girl friendly movies.  It's a really fun pre-going out activity.  I could not be happier that they are finally opening one up right down the street from my house.  I told them on their opening day in Bwood (yes I was there) that MB would be an insane market for them.  They have other locations all over LA...check them out here.


3.  My new favorite jewelry piece: Dainty Cross Bracelet in Gold: I've been eyeing this bracelet on shopbop for quite some time....but I couldn't bring myself to pay $187 for it.  So when I found an inexpensive one from one of our jewelry manufacturers I was ecstatic.  It is simple and an amazing piece for layering.  Like right now, I'm wearing it with about 5 other bracelets on the same arm...Anyways, I bought the manufacturer out of them in silver and gold.  Now we are selling them on our website for $18.  Buy them here.


Okay that's all for today...have a fab weekend everyone!!




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Comments (2)

Teri Roughen on March 17, 2012

Now you don’t have to be in Brentwood to get your hair done!
You must be already sold out of the gold bracelets. Let me know if you get more. Love. Happy weekend! T

Stephanie on March 16, 2012

Just ordered a passport cover for myself from the site! So cute…and I love the bracelet!

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