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Spring Color Trends

Mar 01, 2012 - 4 comments


I've always gravitated towards bright dresses when dress buying, but this Spring, more than ever, it seems like everyone else is gravitating towards them too.  Designers sent tons of color down the runway for Spring 2012, celebrities are wearing them nonstop and the stores are filled with a lot of color right now.


I can't get enough of just have to take a peak at our new dresses to see how obsessed I really am.


Kelly Green, Neon Pink, Canary Yellow and Grapefruit.  Whether it's a dress, blazer, colored jeans or jewelry these colors are perfect for the pop of color trend.


Dress Details: Left to right,

Boulee: Carine Dress, Size 2. Rental Price: $60

Parker: Cami Dress, Size Medium Rental Price: $40

Jay Godfrey: Gaugin Strapless Dress, Size 2 & 4 available Rental Price:  $60

Naven: Heartthrob Dress, Size Small $60


Comments (4)

Nucrustac on January 10, 2015

I kinda dress my girls the same. I buy them the same outfit but in deerffint colors. I usually dress them exactly the same of same outfit deerffint colors when we go out to a big public area. In case one of them gets lost, I can show what they are wearing by showing the other sibling. But it’s cute to dress them alike. BTW. I just bought a ton of PJ pals from for $5

Julia on December 29, 2014

I was thrilled to find Mrs. Stone feueartd here! I’ve known her for about a decade, and every time I visit your site, I say to myself, “Mrs. Stone is the doyenne of advanced-style, SHE should be ”">feueartd!" My wish has been granted!Isn’t she amazing? The most stylish dame of Gramercy Park.Keep on truckin’, Mrs. Stone!

Alladin on December 27, 2014

I am interested in a rtaenl list of properties to see what price and availability, I am in Texas and saw the Villages on internet where are you and are you close to water?Thanks

Jenn on March 05, 2012

I have to say I love the tangerine/grapefruit this month – am scouting around for something to style with!
Thanks for the posts Emily

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