Dress trends I'm dying over.

Feb 01, 2012 - 3 comments

So, it's about time to get a bunch of new dresses in. Quite an exciting time, but also a bit stressful as I try to figure out what my customers want the most, what is "on trend" and what will make TheStylist LA girls stand out at every event they attend (and be the envy of every girl that isn't wearing one of our dresses).  Soooo I've been searching for inspiration on what I want out of this next round.  Here are my thoughts: mesh & cutouts together (haven't really done that before) low backs, tons of detailing & fancier dresses, white dresses with gold embellishments, colored, scalloped lace, and bright brights.  Oh and that last dress, we will just take it as is. Obsessed.


I know a lot of our dresses have touched on some of these trends before, but this time I want to find pieces that make a definite statement and really go all out there.


Thoughts?  What are all of you wanting out of the new dresses? (AND the comments work now! So feel free to leave me your thoughts.)





pics from, pinterest, tuula, nightcap and tfs

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Teri Roughen on February 02, 2012

I think white is so great and not enough girls/ladies wear it. Cut-outs are a trend I’m noticing a lot of. Lace as well as bright colors will make great statement pieces for sure. Oh, you’re so good at what you do Emily! Teri

keianna on February 19, 2012

how can i order on of these from you?

blears on February 02, 2012

I am in love with that last dress. Seriously. How do you even FIND these beauties!?!?!? You’re the best fashion guru ever.

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