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Jan 31, 2012 - 2 comments

When work is nuts, like this week (so many college events, hosting two sample sales, running around like a madwoman) this is the only hairstyle I can muster. Bun, on top of head, super messy (from putting up and pulling down). Thankfully it is actually a trend right now.....


I'm debating attempting to learn this whole sock bun phenomenon this weekend.


Happy Tuesday to all! I'll have more, exciting stuff for you later.



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Teri Roughen on February 02, 2012

the last pic is my favorite hairstyle to do when I’m sick of my hair down. I love messy, I don’t do well with a neat look. I’m saving that pic on my desktop. Teri

Emmanuel on February 01, 2012

Hey Emily,
Amazing website ;)

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