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The Favorites

Jan 18, 2012 - 1 comment

For those of you who have kept up with TheStylist LA's blog for some time, know by now, that we have some favorite stylish ladies around here. I have a list of girls that I constantly look to, that inspire me in many ways, whether it be their outfits, accessory and beauty choices, or their moves within the fashion industry. When searching through blogs this am, I kept coming across pictures of some of them and couldn't stop myself from posting these lovely pictures here.


The favorites include:
1. Tuula: An Australian blogger who puts together some of the best outfits. Check out her page here.

2. Gala: She was my first favorite.  I started following her blog "Amlul's Closet" at the beginning of the whole blog thing.  She is stunning and her outfit choices are extremely interesting.  She never, ever, bores me. Visit her blog here.

3. Rumi:She's the person behind Fashion Toast, which has turned into an internationally famous fashion blog.  She was another one of my first favorites.  Visit here.

4. Miroslava: Ahhh Miroslava is one of the cutest fashion people ever (maybe I say cute bc she is so tiny?) She was an editor for the Russian Harpers Bazaar for awhile and now she just writes freelance and posts her daily outfits here.


Is it a coincidence that all of these ladies have absolutely gorgeous hair?  Probably not....


Happy Wednesday everyone!  Don't forget to follow TheStylist LA on twitter and on bloglovin!!





pics from: blogs listed above, chanel bags and cigarette drags and tfs

Comments (1)

Teri on January 19, 2012

Those are some of the goodies. I like them all!

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