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Sep 21, 2011 - 0 comments

Okay so after catching up on blogs we realized that EVERYONE and their mother are doing recaps of all of the fashion shows.   So we are going to do something a little bit different and NOT recap the shows.  Plus, who has time when the emails/texts/phone calls won't stop coming for girls needing dresses.  Also...if you want a recap, style.com has got you covered.

So we will stick to what's inspiring us, what is a bit different, and what catches our eye.  And maybe we will do a list of favorites at the end of the fashion season....

Here are the outfits we are obsessing over in the street style pics and why we love them:
1. The pop of yellow against all of the black, we die!
2. That skirt with matching sunglasses (love) and the bun gives it an even more playful look.
3. Need/Want/Have to have that skirt.  The slouchy bag and jacket give it a relaxed feel.
4. Love the idea of layering a baggy sweater over a dress.  The boots are also a great touch.
5. The color is unexpected as is the shape of the dress.  Her hair looks fab too.
6.  This dress is to die for.  Can't get enough of the shape.  Her bun keeps the focus on the dress and the all black ensemble keeps the look streamlined.

pics from some faves: mr newton, tommy ton for style.com and scott schuman of the sartorialist

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