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It Girl of the Month: Gillian Zinser (June Edition)

Jun 30, 2011 - 0 comments

Who she is: It’s hard to find biographical info about Gillian since she’s surfing just below the radar, but we feel she’s due for a break out hit soon and deserves this month’s It Girl feature. What we do know is that, though she radiates a California surfer girl glow and stars in a show about Beverly Hills, Gillian is a native east coaster. She was born on Nov 4, 1985 in Washington DC and attended NYU for college, but moved to California to star as Ivy on 90210 (yes, a guilty pleasure of ours...). Her carefree style and tomboy demeanor, combined with her considerable acting talent, have won her fans here at The Stylist LA

What she does: Besides her extensive work doing quality television aimed at pre-teens, Gillian has been part of an impressive five films within the last two years. Her most recent project, Liars All, is slated to premiere in 2012, while the disturbing thriller, The Truth Below, won critics’ applause for its painfully honest views of humanity’s emotional unraveling.

Why we love her:  The first thing that strikes a viewer is the way Gillian epitomizes beach beauty, from her salt strewn beachy hair to her natural snub nose. For an East Coast girl, Zinser has perfected the ombre, effortless hair style worn by beach combers…after learning more about Gillian, we realize that her relaxed image is no act. A self claimed outdoorsy, low maintenance girl, Zinser seems equally at ease in front of the camera or carving down snowboard slopes.

On her style: The day version on-the-street Gillian favors concert shirts and worn-in jeans, but on the red carpet, this Hollywood newbie is a risk taker who redefines casual Los Angelino style. She turns to flowy bohemian fabrics and quirky patterns, clunky shoes matched with harem pants and a fistful of long chain necklaces. Long silhouettes and feathers. Gillian can take that orange 80s smoking jacket rescued from your uncle’s attic and rock the hell out of it. This beachy blonde wears whatever catches her fancy and looks great doing it.  We don’t need to tell you twice...but we will anyways: keep your eye on this new talent as she casually ascends the Hollywood A-List.

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