Happy 25th Bday to the Olsen Girls!

Jun 13, 2011 - 4 comments

 If we could be any celebrity for a day (or live in any celebrity's closet) our choice would easily be one of the Olsen girls.  We are obsessed with their style, their accessory choices and we obsessively follow their career moves.  These two girls have so successfully evolved from child stars to well known and respected designers and we can't help but admire their work ethic.  Here are a few of our favorite pictures of them for their 25th bday...
pics: olsens anonymous, shinystyle, rightonmag.com

Comments (4)

Bren @ B So Chic! on June 19, 2011

these girls are so fortunate and really living an amazing life. i love their style. very avante garde w/out being over the top. nice finding your blog!

B So Chic!

Sunniva on June 14, 2011

Hooray! I am obsessed with their closets – I want everything. Also, thanks for posting that photo from the CFDA's – they both look so great xoxo

Corve on June 15, 2011

Happy Birthday

Meera on June 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Olsen twins! They have such style, and I am sure it will only grow.


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