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It Girl of the Month: Jen Brill (May Edition)

May 31, 2011 - 0 comments

Who she is: Jen Brill, 31 years old, is an edgy and seemingly ageless celebrity scenester and fashion publicist. “I have an eye for art but not for creating it”

What she does: Brill spent her younger years residing in New York’s Upper East Side, continuing on to the Parsons School of Design when she reached her college years. After coming to the realization that art was not her calling, she began work as a publicist, handling photographers in the world of fashion while cultivating her own unique style. Currently dating Terry Richardson, the pair have a considerable pull in the world of fashion photography as Brill applies her editorial savvy towards her artist friends’ work.

Why we love her: Jen Brill’s mysterious style is easy to admire but hard to pull off. You could describe it as an eclectic, mixmatched combination of body-conscious, edgy, and vintage pieces, all pulled together with her staple slash of dark red lipstick. Every outfit seems veiled with a sense of mystery and hints at a dark side. 

On her style: Spanning all decades, Brill’s style embraces stretch minis, skin-baring cutouts, chunky clogs, and ladylike lace. Black is a must, and it seems like Brill’s never seen a little leather jacket that she didn’t love. She also has a penchant for the quirky, detailed in a January 2011 article snippet in Vogue Daily, where she is accompanied by a Vogue author and combs Palm Beach boutiques for animal detailed jewelry and feathers. At another event, she pulls off a glitter strewn mesh top with aplomb while successfully toeing the line between risque and completely bare.

 Oh, and did we mention she is a Chanel Brand Ambassador?? (to find out what that means click here)

pics from tfs and f**k yeah jen brill

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