Coachellaaaaaa ELLA ELLA.

Apr 19, 2011 - 3 comments

Some favorite pictures from the weekend...

the ferris wheel, a random friend I met in line for said ferris wheel, one of the many, many pool parties, view from the ferris wheel as concert ends and last, craziness in the sahara tent.

all photos courtesy of my iphone.

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il était une fois... on April 21, 2011

lucky doll!!! would die to feel the buzz of coachella!!


Ro on April 20, 2011

this festival is total crazyness
i must go next year!
loved the pics!

beachcitylifestyle on April 20, 2011

You look like you were having a good time.Perfect weather right? Was it hard to return to work mode on Monday? Your iphone photos are really good. Who knew?

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