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It Girl of the Month: Emmanuelle Alt (January Edition)

Feb 01, 2011 - 0 comments

Who she is: Emmanuellle Alt is obviously pretty hot right now.  She was just named the new Editor in Chief of Paris Vogue, following Carine Roitfeld's departure.  She is 45 years old (but looks so much younger) and is well known for her outfit choices on numerous street style blogs.  We have been following her for some time now and just can't get enough of her androgynous style and hardcore accessorizing.

What she does: Her resume includes: fashion coordinator at the French Magazine 20-ans (where she started working with Roitfeld) Editor in Chief at Mixe magazine (another French magazine that is no longer in publication) known for its racy fashion photography.  There she introduced a new generation of models and really pushed the envelope in the editorials.  in 2000 she became the fashion director of French Vogue.  She has styled numerous notorious photo shoots, ad campaigns and runway shows for
many high-profile designers .

Why we love her:  While reading more about her for this blog post we found out some super cool facts.  Her husband is Isabell Marant's artistic director.  Also, she is a huge Michael Jackson fan and sent him Balmain samples that he fell in love with (hence his insane Balmain wardrobe).  Obviously those are easy reasons to love her, but we really love her for how talented she is.  Everything that she styles is so interesting and different, we are always overwhelmed with some type of response.

On her style:  Alt sticks out in our mind for the edge that accompanies everything that she wears.  We like to think of her in a Balmain jacket, a simple tee, topshop jeans and sleek stilletos.  She seems to always be in some type of blazer or leather jacket (or leather pants) and alot of dark colors.  We admire the fact that she doesn't feel the need to dress in a feminine way.

Needless to say we are quite excited what she has in store for Vogue Paris.  She begins her job on Feb 1!

pictures from Emmanuelle Alt

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