Our favorite blogs of 2010

Dec 29, 2010 - 1 comment

We have spent a great portion of 2010 being inspired and endlessly entertained by these blogs.  We are so thankful to the writers of each of these for providing us with ideas, inspiration and a good amount of fun.  Here's to hoping that they keep it up in 2010 and amazing new blogs are found in 2011.

1.  Stardust and Sequins: An oldie but a goodie.  This has been our number 1 stop for inspiration over the past year.  The pictures on this site are so in line with our style and what moves us, it's amazing. 

2.  Charmed She*s Sure:  Clearly we are suckers for blogs with good photos.  This blog has some of the best inspiration pictures as well.  We tend to get alot of our good stuff from here.

3.  Jak and Jil Blog: We couldn't leave Tommy Ton out, we really couldn't.  Although this blog isn't a new one for us, we still ready every post.  We have enjoyed watching Tommy grow as a photographer and we are still blown away by his work.  He really is the best for street style pics of our favorites.  It also helps that he loves the exact same people that we do.

4.  Inspire/chictopia tumblr: we have found some of the best quotes and pictures on this site.  This tumblr is a no-brainer and a quick read.  One of the best, easiest places that we find inspiration.

5.  French Frosting: this one is actually a spinoff of stardust and sequins, clearly we like this girl's style.  She posts the prettiest pictures on this one, including food, fashion etc.  This is the perfect blog to boost your mood.  Just try and look at these pictures without smiling.

Hope all of you readers enjoy this list!  Add these to your list of must read and we promise you won't be disappointed.  Hopefully 2011 brings even more inspiration.

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Anonymous on January 02, 2011

Great picks! Love these blogs and yours as well. keep it up.

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