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Today we stumbled upon the blog PRP (photographingrealpeople) and were immediately captured by the style of the two girls that run the blog, Peony and Row.  There is also a boy involved Pete, and he is stunning as well (he is an aspiring model). Peony and Row are recent Art History graduates with an interest in pursuing careers in fashion, obviously.

We were glued to the pictures of the two girls throughout fashion week.  Their outfits were literally perfect.  So well styled, yet looked so effortless.  They both wear hats very well (made us want to run out and buy one immediately, even though we probably couldn't make a hat look that cool) and their hair always looks impeccable (how do they do that??)

We looked through the blog and quickly fell in love with it as well.  There was something refreshing about how young they are and their views of fashion week.  We have already added this blog to our list of must reads and we can't wait to see what they come up with. Like really, just look at the pictures and tell us you aren't obsessed.

Pictures 1-3 of Peony
4-5 both girls
6 Row
All pictures taken from PRP

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