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A little story about off-price...

Oct 13, 2010 - 0 comments

It is pretty obvious that we have a love for nice things (designer shoes, shopbop clothing, runway looks....etc) however, on a fashion budget it is impossible to maintain a complete designer wardrobe.  This explains why we like mixing high and low fashion so much.... Half of the fun of what we do, is experimenting different ways to have a killer wardrobe on such a low budget (ahem, dress borrowing anyone??)

We were intrigued when we were invited to an event hosted by Marshalls and TJ Maxx.  To be honest, we haven't been huge off-price shoppers in the past.  Although we love a good sample sale, digging in tubs at a national off price chain for hidden gems, was not on our to-do list. (Please note that this view of off price was very inaccurate).  However, our love of discounted designer items lured us to the event.

We were quite surprised that the stores are much nicer than one may think....and the merchandise that they carry is often what is currently in stores.  That brought us back to our days working at YaYa Aflalo, and reminded us that we used to sell current inventory to off price retailers when stores canceled orders. It was all starting to make sense.  These off-price stores didn't have outdated merchandise, they were just overages of current inventory.

Okay enough about the logistics....Marshalls and TJ Maxx so nicely gave us gift cards to the store and let us run free to find the perfect items in the store.  We must admit we went a bit crazy...

Here is what we purchased:
1. Michael Kors Sweater with Hood: $39.99
2. Michael Kors Bandage Skirt: $49.99
3.  Robin K Sweater: $12.99 (we have never heard of this brand, but thought the sweater was cute, and so freaking inexpensive, so we went for it.)

So, to make a long story short, we have been transformed to off-price addicts.  These stores are a nice addition to our typical thrift store, resale store, flea market, department store, specialty boutique shopping route.....

We recommend you check them out.

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