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Brad Goreski leaves Rachel Zoe, and leaves us in tears...

Sep 29, 2010 - 0 comments

We woke up this morning to an email announcing Brad's amicable split from Rachel Zoe.  We get it, he has learned all he can and needs to move on.  However, we can't help being extremely sad that these two are parting ways.  As we have said in numerous blog posts before, Brad is more than half the reason that we watch the show (even though we love Rachel too!)  There will be no replacing him.  It will be extremely difficult to find anyone as endearing, entertaining and talented to take his place.  Thus we think that the show, may not go on.

We wish Brad the best, and we can't wait to follow him to the next step.  But for today (and probably at least a week), we will remain quite sad about this news.

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