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BryanBoy visits Anna Dello Russo's Home

Jul 23, 2010 - 0 comments

It's obvious that when we like something (like, really like) we become a bit obsessed.  This can be seen in our frequency of posts concerning Abbey Lee, Tommy Ton, Rumi, and a few other models.  So, we apologize that we often write about the same subjects, but these people and things that inspire us, continue to do so on a daily basis (often numerous times a day) and we just can't help but share the things that really motivate us to get more creative and push us to work even harder.

That being said, we LOVE this piece from Bryan Boy on his visit to ADR's apartment(s) in Milan.  His pictures are incredible and his description of what makes Anna, Anna is amazing as well.  Her taste is magnificent and she has little quirks that make her even more interesting.  We have posted a few of our favorite pictures above.  You can read the whole piece here, we suggest taking a look.

And thank you Bryan Boy and ADR for continuing to inspire us.

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