Kell on Earth: We Love

Feb 03, 2010 - 0 comments

We have been in such a work haze lately, that we didn't even realize that Kelly Cutrone's new show aired Monday night on Bravo (or maybe we were just too tuned in to The Bachelor....) Anyways, thanks to Hulu , we got to check out the premiere yesterday.

We must say, we were quite impressed. The show seems much more "real" than The Hills or The City. The drama is more about the job, than about who is dating who, and overall it depicts a way more accurate view of the fashion industry. It is interesting to see that Kelly has a daughter, that she has a work/live loft and that she doesn't always wear all black. Most interesting to us was how smart of a businesswoman Kelly truly is. Her harsh demeanor and sometimes, cutting words are just a large part of trying to get the job done perfecty. Kelly really respects and appreciates her clients, therefore she really does do the best job she can. It is inspiring to watch her in action. We also are quite intrigued by her cross dressing assistant Andrew. Pretty sure we will be tuning into this one weekly.

Check out the site on bravo here. Follow Kelly on twitter here.

Also, Kelly will be in LA tomorrow night at 7 pm, signing her new book at the Borders in Westwood.

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