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Outside Inspiration: Artist Cedric Rivrain

Jan 11, 2010 - 0 comments

We spent a good portion of this past weekend searching for inspiration in new places.  We realized that we have been looking in the same places for new ideas and motivation, thus causing a bit of an artistic rut.  We stumbled upon this artist and were quickly enthralled by his work.  His fashion sketches are stunning, his obsession with bandages is fascinating and his depiction of Sasha in Lanvin is captivating.  After a bit of research we found that he is a favorite of some of the most popular in the fashion set (ahem, John Galliano).  We also found his facebook fan page where he updates new sketches weekly.  This guy is incredibly talented, and luckily we found the inspiration we have been looking for within his work.

Check out his site here, facebook here and twitter here.

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