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It Girl of the Month: Leigh Lezark (December Edition)

Dec 31, 2009 - 1 comment

Who she is: Leigh Lezark was born in 1984 in New Jersey and is best known as one of the three Djs, in the New York based DJ trio, The MisShapes.

What she does: Model, DJ and occasional actress, Leigh moved to NYC originally to attend Hunter College.  Quickly after arriving in NY, Leigh created the MisShapes with two friends, Geordon Nicol and Greg Krelenstein.  The MisShapes quickly became the go to dj trio in NYand are well known as some of the coolest in the cool crowd.  It started in 2003 as a weekly dance party and they have since cultivated a crazy  following of fans who buy into the downtown NY/hipster lifestyle.  Leigh signed with IMG Models in May of 2008, has walked in a few fashion shows and has modeled in advertisements of many big brands (The Gap, Mango etc.)  She recently was named a "friend of Chanel" (meaning she gets to test out new products before they hit stores).  Her and the rest of The MisShapes produced a style book and Leigh herself has dabbled in photography. This girl's options are endless professionally, and she basically has her pick of which profession she would like to go after (music, modeling, photography etc).

Why we love her:  This girl's success is completely self made.  She wasn't born a socialite, just a young girl who succeeded in making it in NY on her own.  She has a serious attitude that prompted Gawker  to nickname her Princess Coldstare.  Leigh has achieved success by knowing everything there is to know about music, creating a memorable style and getting to know the right people on the scene.  She works extremely hard to make it further in the industry, and she has inspired many young girls fashion choices (just google her and see the blog threads about her).

On her style: Leigh has impeccable style.  Her signature black short hair is always perfect, she has the same expression in nearly every picture, and her outfit is always flawless.  She wears big designers well, and always wears the trends, without having a trend wear her.  She doesn't have one definite style and so you can never predict what she will wear.  She always seems to have some surprise up her sleeve when putting together outfits, whether its a piece that hasn't come out yet, an unexpected accessory or a new nail polish color (courtesy of Chanel).  She is a bit of a bad girl in the fashion industry and we just can't get enough.

pictures: left and right pic: Sherly Rabbani and Josephine Solimene for, middle: Juicy Couture store opening, picture from Juicy Couture

Comments (1)

Kate on January 02, 2010

LOVE this girl. she's so badass

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