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Obsession for Fall: Texture

Nov 04, 2009 - 2 comments

There is one trend this fall that keeps drawing us in, the use of textures on shoes, bags, and clothing is currently fascinating us.  We can't get enough of embellishments, the use of zippers without an ounce of functionality, studs on shoes, grommets on dresses and spikes on leather.

Here are a few pictures in which the use of texture truly makes the piece.  We also must recognize that this new obsession with textures has come mainly from Tommy Ton's photos.  He has the most amazing attention to detail, and without him, many of these details would go unnoticed.

pictures: left: The Sartorialist, middle and lower left: Tommy Ton of Jak and Jil, upper right: tfs.

Comments (2)

Anonymous on November 09, 2009

dying for that bag.

Anonymous on November 15, 2009

I went shopping today and everything I saw and wanted was studded….again with the texture. It has a magnetic pull

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