It Girl of The Month: Gala Gonzalez (October Edition)

Oct 31, 2009 - 5 comments

Who she is: Gala Gonzalez, 23, was born in Spain and now resides in London.

What She does: Gala's is the mastermind behind the blog Inside Amlul's closet.  She started the blog in 2005 and since then has gained millions of followers and a name as one of the top, young, fashion bloggers in the world.  We have to say that her blog was one of the first fashion blogs that we dedicatedly subscribed to.  This was mostly due to her numerous pictures of her interesting and creative outfits and her ability to inspire us with a single look.  When Gala isn't blogging she works as a stylist, a creative consultant and most recently a fashion designer.  Gala just came out with her first collabrative line The Music Collection.  As creative director of this line, she aims to portray the complicated link that fashion and music have to one another.  She describes this as one of the biggest and most exciting challenges she has faced.

Why we love her: This girl won our hearts as one of the first fashion ladies to take pictures of their outfits every day and post them online.  This is such a trend now, it is hard to remember a time when no one really did this.  Gala helped start this movement and ended up accidentally inspiring many young girls and their outfit choices.  We love Gala's creativity and are constantly impressed with everything that she does.  We look forward to her updates and her newest ventures.  We find this girl to be one of the most interesting twenty-three year olds around.

On her style: Gala is best known for her impeccable ability to mix high and low pieces.  She constantly has the best vintage pieces, mixed with high end designers.  Pieces from Zara are a constant in her wardrobe mixed with Mulberry bags and shoes by Burberry Possum.  She rocks YSL shoes, jackets from top shop and tees of her own creations.  In our minds she has won first place in mixing the high and low. Her style is a mix of London edge and fashionable elegance.

If you haven't yet, we recommend you check out her blog and her newest clothing designs.  You can also follow her on twitter here

Comments (5)

Lulu on December 28, 2014

I don’t really think this is one of her best looks she has ever had, but it does seem to suit ctiaern people. I suppose she can carry most looks off better than the average person

Amber on November 17, 2009

she really has incredible style….

Marquis de Lannes on November 05, 2009

Gala, Gala, Gala…

Anonymous on November 08, 2009

Obsessed with the dress on the right. This girl has unreal style

Sasha P. on November 09, 2009

God she looks good in everything.

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