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Third Times a Charm: Olivia Polermo on The Sartorialist

Oct 19, 2009 - 0 comments

We have to admitt that we usually dismiss the cast members of The City and The Hills as wanna be actresses rather than up-and-coming fashion designers/tastemakers/stylish human beings.  We wish that we could praise these girls for some kind of contribution to the fashion industry, but we typically think that the shows give the fashion industry a bad name, while also painting an unrealistic picture of working in fashion.

However, today we are biting our tongues.  Olivia Palermo has proven to be a bit of a tough girl throughout this season of The City, but let's be honest, we really don't care about the plot.  She continues to assert herself as someone who won't be pushed around, and she does so in some of the best put together outfits we have ever seen.

It looks like Scott Schuman thinks so too.  Today we saw that Olivia was posted for the 3rd time on The Sartorialist.  She was posted for the first time on the blog about 5 seasons back, followed by the two pictures above.  The one on the left is from the fall shows in February 2009 and the right one was posted on Saturday and was taken during the London shows.

We have to hand it to her, she has impeccable style.  We take back our dismissive attitude about her, and we will now start following her clothing choices more carefully.

Also, don't forget Scott Schuman from the Sartorialist will be doing a book signing on Thursday Oct 22 at the Beverly Center in LA from 8-10

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