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Keeping in theme with the model obsession....

Oct 16, 2009 - 0 comments

We have been looking back at all the shows over the last 6 weeks and have been trying to piece together which models showed the most, where they showed, in what cities etc and who we think will be in the next group of it girls.  Thankfully for us,, Altimara and The Fashion Spot have compiled lists of the models that have walked in the most shows.

Out of the list, we have picked these three ladies as the ones to watch:

Coming in at #1 is Constance Jablonski (middle picture) of ELITE Milan.  She showed in 72 shows, opened 8 and closed 3.

#3 Kasia Struss (pictured to the left) of Women Paris showed in 61 shows, opened 3, closed 1 and scored a new Balenciaga Campaign

#4 Frida Gustavsson, (pictured to the right) of IMG Paris did 60 shows, opened 4, closed two and is the new face of sensation of the season.

We love these three fresh faces for a few reasons.  Constance has an amazing face, with strong cheekbones and piercing eyes.  She also has impeccable style on and off the runway. Frida's look is younger and more innocent than the others, however she has recently started to embrace the rocker chic trend and show her versatility as a model through different types of shows and shoots. Kasia is most likely the biggest IT girl of the season.  Her features are strong, but her look is still soft.  She has an amazing face and strong features and she was just recently chosen as the new face of Balenciaga.  Expect to see alot more from her in the next few months.

All 3 girls have great threads on the fashion spot, so to see more of them view the links below:
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