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It Girl of the Month: Zoe Kravitz (September Edition)

Sep 29, 2009 - 1 comment

Who She is: The daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, Zoe was born in LA in 1988.

What she does: Zoe is best known for her acting and musical endeavors.  She has been in numerous movies, most notably, No Reservations (with Catherine Zeta Jones).  She has also been involved in a number of new movies that are in post production and set to be released in 2010 including the much anticipated Twelve (with Keifer Southerland and Chase Crawford).

Zoe is also the lead singer of Elevator Fight, a rock band based out of Philadelphia. After listening to a few songs off of their myspace page, we must say, we are a bit impressed with her voice.

Why We love her:  This girl is busy creating her own path and making her own successes all the while expressing a style that epitomizes hippie chic.  She is always one step ahead of the trend, in style and in music.  She is dating Andrew VanWyngarden from MGMT.  We aren't usually ones to care about who is dating who, but we think this pairing is pretty cool.

On her style:  For Zoe, hippie chic was never a trend.  She has always thrown together outfits that seem to be effortlessly stylish.  She represents numerous trends but always manages to maintain a sense of her own style throughout the process.  Some of her favorites include: stacked hemp and wooden bracelets, flowy sundresses, headbands of all different kinds and if it's the right concert, she even will rock some facepaint.  We like to look at Zoe's outfits and gain inspiration from her out of the box outfits.  We think you should enjoy it too....

Comments (1)

Anonymous on September 29, 2009

LOVE, love, love her. She probably inspired the hippie chic movement herself.

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