Fashion Week Day 5: Carolina Herrera, Marc Jacobs and Zac Posen

Sep 15, 2009 - 1 comment

Yesterday we were very impressed by these three shows.  This was the first day of fashion week that we saw designers really stepping out of the box and producing interesting pieces.  We shouldn't be surprised since these are three of our very favorite designers.  Marc brought in the geisha influence, and said that he was sick of women wearing all black and studs (ahem, are we over the hispter look? and was that a jab at wang's posse?).  Marc expressed that he wants women to show their individuality through dress again, rather than all trying to look the same, in order to be different.  Marc's show included fringed bags, ruffled interesting pieces, some underwear as outerwear and not to be underplayed, a fanny pack.  His show lacked a bit of cohesiveness that his previous shows had, but we were far from bored.  We found this show to be inspiring, and overall one of the best that we have seen. 

Posen's show was more youthful than usual, and a bit more fun.  His designs were futuristically inspired with color block dresses and fabulous cuts.  We were more impressed with this show than we have been with most of his recently.

We do have to say however, that Herrera is our overall favorite.  Her dresses were impeccably constructed.  The fabrics were to die for and the cuts were unreal.  We literally nearly died over every piece.

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Laura on September 21, 2009

I agree with Marc. I am over the hipsters. It has already been done. let's move on already!

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