Project Runway Episode 2. Our pick: Althea

Aug 28, 2009 - 1 comment

This week the contestants were challenged to make an outfit for pregnant star Rebecca Romijn. We got a bit more insight into each contestants persona (especially Malvin's affinity for trying to sound like Michael Jackson) and we got to see if some of last weeks bottom contestants could pull it together this week. A few of our thoughts:
Mitchell just doesn't have what it takes. Last week he killed us with BOTH of his creations and this week we saw that he doesn't have enough technical experience to correctly stitch a pair of shorts. We think he needs a bit more training and then should come back to the show in 2 years or so. We give him about two more weeks, tops. We also have yet to like anything that Qrystl has made. We think her time on the show is limited as well. Ra'mon disappointed us since we loved his last design and were really expecting something great this week. Christopher came through again with an excellent design and perfect craftmanship, we just found his design this week a bit boring. We could not get enough of Althea's dress. The cut was classic, the design was impeccable and the color was perfect. We are very excited to see what she has in store for the season.

As for Malvin, although we though Mitchell should have gone, the egg design was a bit off. We know he thinks he is too visionary for America, and since we could not connect to the egg theme, maybe he is too visionary for us?

We were also very pleased with the guest judge selection of Monique Lhuillier. She is extremely accomplished and a way better pick than Lindsay Lohan.

We are anxiously awaiting next weeks episode when the numbers start to get smaller and we can actually focus more on the designs of each contestant. Stay tuned...

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sarah on September 02, 2009

what about the fact that no pregnant woman could fit her boobs in this dress??

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