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It Girl of the Month: Harley Viera Newton (August Edition)

Aug 19, 2009 - 3 comments

For the past month or so we have not been able to get enough of Harley Viera Newton. We aren't the first blog to obsess over her, but we might be some of her most loyal followers. We just can't get enough of her offbeat style, her sarcastic humor (trust us we know, via twitter) and the fact that she is involved in so many cool things in NY.

Who she is: Harley Viera-Newton was born in 1988 in London. She grew up in Los Angeles and moved to New York at age 18 to go to NYU.

What she does: By day Harley studies Egyptology at NYU. When not studying hyroglyphics, Harley djs quite frequently (often at hipster hangout Lit), has a weekly radio show with her bff Cassie and has had numerous modeling gigs (including, the Gap, Sophomore and Uniglo).
Harley was also the face of DKNY's 2009 Spring campaign. We often wonder how she has the time for all these jobs and still maintains to have the perfect outfit for every event.

Why we love her: We can't help but saying, this girl just exudes cool. She always seems to be wearing something interesting and doing something interesting. And the best part, she doesn't seem to even try. We feel strongly the she embodies the trends that every twenty one year old, fashion obsessed girl aims to capture. Also, the cobra snake loves her. Enough said.

On her style: She wears designer dresses with beat up boots, she piles on the Tom Binns jewlery and dresses exactly how she wants to, not giving a care about what people will think. In case no one has noticed TheStylist loves girls who don't like to follow the rules.

Harley told Refinery29 "If you're not comfortable and you're aware of wearing an outfit, everyone else is going to be aware that you're wearing an 'outfit.' That's not style, that's trying to be stylish."

Check out Harley's blog.
Follow Harley on twitter here.

Comments (3)

Anonymous on August 20, 2009

I love that you used the expression "give a care." Keep up the good work!

kate on August 20, 2009

LOVE her. check out her page on the fashion spot.

Nikki on August 20, 2009

She is so accomplished, and only 21 years old!

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