Shopbop does an 80's themed styling shoot.

Aug 11, 2009 - 3 comments

The girls at TheStylist have all been pretty bummed since Shopbop and Hautelook changed their websites to look more corporate and streamlined. They say the sites should be easier to navigate and better to use...but we haven't been convinced. It's just that we actually loved the older sites. We thought they were more visually appealing and FAR less boring.

Anyways, due to this, we have been holding a bit of a grudge against these two companies for the past week or so, but now Shopbop has given us a reason to get over it.

Shopbop just launched an editorial shoot entitled "80's remix. The Styling is pretty good (although we do feel it could have pushed the limits a bit more). But we understand that they are limited by using designers that are sold on the site. We do think some of the outfits were very well put together and we would absolutely die for a few pieces from the spread, specifically, the only hearts lace leggings and an amazing Michelle Mason strapless dress.

Check out the spread here.

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King on December 12, 2015

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Anonymous on August 11, 2009

the fuschia foley + corinna dress is my fave…amazing

Heather on August 17, 2009

Check out their newest lookbooks. One is very in theme with summer wanderlust. How did shopbop get so cool??

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