Outside Inspiration: The Ting Ting's concert in LA

Aug 05, 2009 - 2 comments

We were lucky enough this week to score some last minute VIP tickets to the Ting Ting's concert at Club Nokia on Tuesday night. From the minute we stepped inside the venue we could tell that the kind of crowd that came out was interesting. We were incessantly inspired by all of the neon, leather, and old school doc martens that we saw. The show made us want to put on a graffiti tee, find some old, beat up doc martens at a thrift store and cut some holes in our jeans. We are pretty sure that feeling carried through to some of our dress buying today...

Anyways, The Ting Ting's were amazing as usual and Katie's outfit did not disappoint. She wore combat boots, crazy tye dye leggings, a sequined vest and a page boy hat. We really wish our camera wasn't broken so we could have taken better pictures of our favorite outfits from fans. But for now you will just have to use your imagination. We always forget how much live music shows inspire and excite us.

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Lauren on August 10, 2009

Katie is too adorable. You know how I love the Gaga, but Katie is a more accessible version of her =) Glad you got to see the show!

claire on August 10, 2009

check out lykke li. they played the same night at the wiltern and are even better.

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