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We had the best time at our Winter photoshoot yesterday. We had some amazing talent from Wilhemina paired with our awesome photographer Brilliant Images and of course the lovely Suzie Moldavon the mastermind behind the hair and makeup. Keep an eye out for this season's style guide coming soon!



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Vadim on January 10, 2015

Hello my Brothers and Sisters, Iam living with type 1 ditbeaes for 24 years this month. I was diagnosed the first year in the Air Force. I was just married then. I come from a partying family and it was hard to adapt to diabetic life but you can. Ive had more then my share of low blod sugars including comas. I passed out behind the wheel and hit a pole went through a fence and landed on a golf course all without a scratch not good. My eye sight has diminshed Im deaf in my left ear and still have tinits ringing in the ear. I had lyme disease in 89-90.Wich left me with severe nerve damage in my legs and feet. I get some neuropathy every now an then. I try to keep my blood sugars under control. I have Minearse disese thats why Im deaf. Ive been wearing the pump now since 2000 and it has helped big time. Yes a pain in the ass at times but my sugars are better controlled. I use to take 4 shots a day. I go to the gym mon to fri a must. I just celabrated my 25th anniversary and god willing Ill be turning 47. So keep this in mind when your down you can come back yes its hard but keep going your worth it. Believe me these are just a few of my battle with ditbeaes but Im still fighting.

Julie on December 29, 2014

My heart was racing as I read this! I want this job & have all the quaaificltions, but I live in Chicago. I love your site & your company, as I’ve been following your achievements for some time. If you ever, ever need someone to work remotely from another state, please let me know. This opportunity is right up my alley and exactly what I’m looking for at the moment. Congrats in advance to the lucky candidate! ; )V. Nikol recently posted..

Tyler on December 27, 2014

I have to echo all the above comments….this site is aowmese. They carry such a wide assortment of goodies, the site is easy to navigate, they usually have the latest releases, and their vids are so much fun to watch! I enjoy hearing Lisa’s NE accent! And it really IS true…Scott has called me with every order I’ve placed to tell me it has shipped, and to thank me for my business. I highly recommend that you check them out!

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