Oct 07, 2014 - 2 comments

This week's top three rentals are sooo perfect for date night, a classy soiree or even a night out with the girls. We truly swoon over these!


1. Boulee Gabriella Dress (rent here)

2. Nightcap Estelle Dress (rent here)

3. Nightcap Dixie Lace Cutout Dress (rent here)

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Bondan on January 10, 2015

thn prwth fora pou eimastan sanirotni, eidh thn deuterh mera pepathsamai meso kontochori pros thalassa gia thn allh meria..mas fanikai konta..xaxa..alla, eitan mia wraia aisthish..sundeo polla me to arthro sou…kai pali s’euxarhstw..

Cewexx on December 27, 2014

Lynn let’s us know that yes elegance can be bieftauul but perhaps you have a spirit and body that doesn’t quite lend itself to just “elegance” then you can be the bomb with panache. So many women and men want to really express the power and wake up the world. This is it. She shows that anyone can have style. Work it girl!

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