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Sep 26, 2014 - 3 comments


What can we say? We're absolutely mad for this fall's hottest trend: plaids! The best part about them? Women can rock plaid for everything - from tops to shoes to accessories. What's your favorite way to wear plaid this Fall?


images via pinterest

Comments (3)

Gisele on January 10, 2015

Michelle Moore sent us her very first behind the sneecs video and we at fstoppers were thoroughly impressed. I know a lot of our readers are big on strobes and lighting but if this video teaches you anything it is that often times natural light is the best route to go especially when shooting lifestyle images. Here are some details about the shoot from Michelle herself and the final images can been seen at :

GUnner on December 28, 2014

Happy belated btarhdiy, Heather. This is my daily dress too. I work for an old technology company that recently decided that to invigorate and spur innovation, the dress code was changed to jeans. :-) So this is the formula I have refined for myself as a middled-aged professional. Interestingly, when I was wearing dress pants, I might have only worn a blouse with them. But with jeans, I feel like I need to add a blazer or cardigan to dress them up.I have lost a bit of weight wearing the more body-conscious bottoms.I have the awesome “Nora” J Crew leopard flats. Alas, not the Birkin.

Kira on December 27, 2014

Debbie, several of us have takled about how easy it would be to order up some kits to have ready to do a quick class, or to even have others order their box and then plan a get together.I will be doing a video on how to put together the project as it is sent. I will also be doing an additional video that will offer a little more of a twist and is perhaps geared to those who have a few other items laying around. In other words, an alternate project to include some of your stash! I just love the idea that everything you need comes to your door and is ready to go! All you need is some adhesive!

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